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clue for guessing game #1

so far no one has guessed right. the clue for you who are playing…it was part of a car-hmmmm.

5 Responses to “clue for guessing game #1”

  1. dunsany Says:

    A car-buncle? Ha ha, I kill me.

  2. jennyann Says:

    is it part of the engine? where an alien birthed a squishy, bubbly baby alien?

  3. Kim Says:

    It’s a vomit spattered car mat that’s been rained on and grown moldy. I’ve had one of those…

  4. Emily Dimov-Gottshall Says:

    burnt seat cushion?

  5. Whitney Says:

    it looks like something burnt, but like it has oil around it or something. I honestly have no clue, sorry! 🙂

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