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Confiscated #2

This was confiscated towards the end of ’08. It was during homeroom. I heard something hit the wall and I knew it had hit up high. I didn’t see the person who threw it, but I could tell the general direction. I approached a table of boys and asked quickly, “Who just threw something at the wall.” Only two boys looked rather guiltily back at me. One spoke up, “I didn’t throw anything?” I replied, “It’s always better if you are honest right up front, that goes much farther with me.” He then took out this modified/pen/peashooter and said it was the boy’s sitting next to him, but he had used it. The boy who made it said he got the plans off the internet!


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  1. harold hollingsworth Says:

    that would look rather sharp in a shadowbox frame. I look forward to more of these works and the method by which they are acquired.

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